Techron® Concentrate Plus

Techron® Concentrate Plus

Deep cleans in 1 tankful

Give your car a detox with just one treatment of Techron® Concentrate Plus.

Scientifically proven with more than 30 years of research and development, one little bottle of this advanced fuel additive can help protect your new investment or used car, as it deep cleans the fuel system to restore engine performance.

Over time, harmful deposits – or gunk, as it’s commonly known – builds up inside our cars’ vital engine parts, robbing them of power, fuel economy and thus reducing their overall performance. Techron’s technology uses a polyetheramine-based chemistry that’s unbeatable at cleaning and protecting your vital engine parts at molecular levels.

You are likely to experience a smoother and better drive with:

  • restored power and performance
  • better pick-up and acceleration from stop to start
  • reduced knock and ping sounds
  • maximised fuel economy


All it takes is 3 easy steps!

*One bottle of Techron® Concentrate Plus is 355ml and best used in Gasoline/ Petrol cars of up to 45L. For larger tanks (more than 45L), a second bottle treatment may be required to gain full benefits.

For best results, use every 5,000km or at every oil change.


Results after just 1 treatment of Techron® Concentrate Plus

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How to use Techron in a bottle

It might require a Ph.D. to grasp the chemistry behind Techron Concentrate Plus. But all it takes is a free hand to put it in your car.

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All kinds of driving

Along with fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, another benefit of keeping your fuel system deposit-free is that your engine delivers peak performance in all kinds of driving conditions.

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Trusted by many

Over 30 years of research testing and development by some of the world's top scientists and engineers have gone into Techron.  That's why Techron technology has earned the trust of car manufacturers, mechanics and motorists the world over.

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Restoring lost power and performance

Fact is, gasoline is a mixture of hydrocarbons including ethanol and other impurities.  As it travels through your car's fuel system, harmful carbon deposits can form on critical engine parts.  Techron helps remove these deposits, restoring lost power and performance.





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